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  • Do I have to choose a menu from the ones on the website?
    Nope! You don't have to choose a preexisting menu, but it's a great start! The best thing to do is take a look over some of the menus that match your party's theme, and then we can begin creating a menu that fits perfectly for you. Feel free to mix and match certain menu items, or we can come up with something all new.
  • I don't see prices on your menus... why is that?
    At The Community Plate, we want to be able to work with your budget, and do everything we can to make a certain menu work for your event. The last thing we want is for you to check out some prices, and decide we're not the company for you. Let's see what we can work out first and foremost!
  • What do you include with your services?
    Almost everything you can think you'll need is available! Most people prefer to bring their own tablecloths, paper goods, beverages, and/or desserts - but that doesn't mean we can't. We're flexible!
  • Does The Community Plate work with other vendors?
    Yes! Sometimes, we will outsource our desserts - depending on what you need - to a fabulous baker and cake decorator, Stacey Vedral, owner of Reds Cups and Cakes. She can make your vision come to life, from your flavors, decoration, fillings, and more. We also work with a florist - Jessica Erin Designs - should you need florals for your event. From centerpieces, to bouquets, to elaborate designs, Jessica's portfolio speaks for itself. We can put you in touch with either of these wonderful women!
  • Is there a minimum guest count for events?
    For all full-service orders and events, there is a minimum guest count of 25 people. There is no minimum for drop-off, pickup, or delivery services.
  • The Community Plate services both New Jersey and Maryland... why is that?
    Since originally from South Jersey, we have many contacts and clients from the area who inquire about catering and utilize our services. We are now located and living in Baltimore, Maryland, we also service that area. Baltimore to South Jersey is less than 90 minutes, so it becomes easy to offer services in both areas!
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