Third Annual Thanksgiving Side Dish Challenge

Welcome to the Third Annual BEST Thanksgiving Side Dish Challenge!  I almost forgot about this bad boy, but then I realized I've been such a slacker for The Community Plate lately, and this is such a great time to get some brand new recipes posted on here.

Every year, the same side dishes always reign supreme: stuffing and mashed potatoes.  Aiming to cater to some different sides this year, I am urging all of you to choose the sides that sound the most appealing - because you are going to want to see these recipes! So, if you're thinking you like potatoes way more than you like green beans, think about it this way: do I want to see another mashed potato recipe make it all the way to the finals, or do I want to see some battered green beans with a lemon-honey-balsamic aioli?  Let your imagination do the clicking!  Follow the link to take the first-round survey of The Community Plate's favorite challenge: START VOTING!

Don't Forget! There are 4 "regions" (categories) and we're looking to crown one champion by Thanksgiving Day.  Happy voting!

Region 1: Starches/Grains
Region 2: Savory Dishes
Region 3: Vegetables
Region 4: Sweet Dishes


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