Second Annual Thanksgiving Side Dish Challenge

Welcome To The Second Annual Thanksgiving Side Dish Challenge - brought to you by The Community Plate!   I am getting a late start this year, but have no fear!  I'll still be creating recipes for the Elite Eight winners of the bracket, so you will have eight new side dish recipes to use between now and Christmas.  And, the recipes will be totally different from last year, so you (and I!) can build a holiday repertoire.

If you don't know about the Thanksgiving Side Dish Challenge, get the full scoop from last year here. This year, I am keeping it relatively similar, and I would LOVE if you would all participate again.  Like last year, I have four different catergories ("regions", if you will):  Vegetables, Savory, Sweet, and Grains/Starches.  Last year, I simply named each side dish in its original state.  This year, I have decided to specify how I will prepare each dish, to entice different favorites.  Simply click the link at the bottom of this article to participate in this fun survey!  Voting will go as follows:

November 15 - November 17: Voting for Sweet Sixteen
November 18 - November 20: Voting for Elite Eight
November 21 - November 23: Voting for Final Four
November 24 - November 26: Voting for Championship Round
Thanksgiving Day!! Voting for the WINNER of the Second Annual Side Dish Challenge!


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