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Brilliant Blogs was supposed to be a feature of The Community Plate where I celebrate food blogs that inspire me.  Somehow, it fell to the wayside, between "Guest Blogs", "Restaurant Reviews", and recipes of my own.  There are a few that I have done, but I'm glad to be back with this particular site...

Proud Italian Cook was one of the first blogs I looked at when creating The Community Plate.  The recipes Marie, a Chicago-native born to Italian parents, creates puts me right back to the days where my family and I would sit around the table at Nonna's and enjoy so many different homemade foods: chicken noodle soup, Italian sausage, pizza, gnocchis, raviolis, Easter bread with prosciutto, etc.  Nonna used to make food that was unlike any other.  It seems that Marie does just the same for her family.  It's no wonder her blog takes me back to my younger days, as she states in her "About Me" section, that's what she aims to do.  "As a child I can remember platters of food spread all over tables, ravioli drying on beds, family gathering together for special occasions," writes Marie, "that’s the kind of memories I wanted to recreate for my own kids."

 Another one of the reasons I chose Proud Italian Cook for my "Brilliant Blogs" section is the general appeal of her blog almost immediately upon entering her site.  Her pictures are vibrant and full of color, especially in her newest post, "Shaved Spring Vegetables with Garden Herbs".  Her blog is not overrun by advertisements or unnecessary links, she keeps it simple, while still showcasing what's important!

When deciding on "Brilliant Blogs", I like to check out where the blog has been featured - and Marie has quite a plethora of accomplishments.  Proud Italian Cook has been featured on television channels such as A&E and Cooking Channel; in magazines such as Saveur, Cooking Light, and Living Green; as well as the Chicago Sun Times.  When beginning my blog pursuit, I remember being fascinated by the fact that my blog could eventually be featured in similar outlets.  It was inspiring.

Proud Italian Cook, whether you're Italian or not, is a beautiful and thoughtful blog, focusing on traditional Italian cuisine with a modern and contemporary flair.  Whether you are just starting off experimenting with new recipes, or a seasoned vet in the kitchen, Proud Italian Cook has something for you.  And on top of everything else about this amazing blog, Marie is a wonderful person in general.  A few months back, I started following her on Facebook and decided to send her a quick message to tell her about how great I thought her blog was.  She responded within the hour with a thoughtful note about how she was going to wake up in the morning, sip her coffee, and browse The Community Plate.  With almost 11,000 followers, I was, for lack of a better term, tickled.

So, thanks, Marie, for being a fellow blogger, fellow Italian, and inspiration to others.  Keep up the great work with Proud Italian Cook, we all look forward to continued recipes!


  1. Oh Christina, Oh sweet you are, I have tears in my eyes! You made my day, week, month, year! This is the true reason why I love blogging, it's getting to meet wonderful people like you! Thank you. xox Marie


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