The Thanksgiving Side Dish Challenge!

Welcome to the First Annual 
Thanksgiving Side Dish Challenge!! 

Everyone's favorite eating holiday is quickly approaching!  Here's your chance to pick your FAVORITE turkey companion.

Ya know, most time, I skip the turkey at dinner anyway.  Except the pieces of crispy skin I steal from the plate when the turkey is being carved ;-).  There are just too many delicious other options that I would rather fill up on than turkey.

I do the same thing with appetizers.  I can make an entire meal from appetizers.

Anywho!  This bracket is broken up into four categories: savory, sweet, grains, and vegetables.  Starting with 32 traditional side dishes, which one will reign supreme?  Here are your first round of choices, folks.  Voting begins as soon as you see this picture and lasts until midnight on November 12th, 2013.

You can vote by leaving a comment on this post or taking this survey.  If you choose four winners from each category, you should have 16 winners. (Duh - Sweet Sixteen).  This picture is also posted on my Facebook page or you could always email me!   Let The Community Plate know which dishes should move on to the Sweet Sixteen.  Here are the first round of choices! Again, voting for the Sweet Sixteen ends on November 12 at midnight!

Enjoy this fun challenge, and remember, it's up to YOU - my readers - to crown the first annual favorite Thanksgiving side dish!

If you cannot see the choices on the photo, here they are:

SAVORY Category:
1 Mashed Potatoes vs. 8 Macaroni 'n Cheese
5 Baked Potatoes vs. 4 Baked Sweet Potatoes
6 Corn vs. 3 Broccoli Casserole
2 Roasted Potatoes vs. 7 Potato au Gratin

GRAINS Category:
1 Savory Stuffing vs. 8 Sweet Stuffing
5 Herbed Couscous vs. 4 Cornbread
6 Hush Puppies vs. 3 Rice Pilaf
2 Buttermilk Biscuits vs. 7 Roasted Quinoa

SWEET Category:
1 Mashed Sweet Potatoes vs. 8 Cranberry Mold
5 Candied Yams vs. 4 Roasted Sweet Potatoes
6 Butternut Squash vs. 3 Creamed Sweet Corn
2 Sweet Potato Casserole vs. 7 Baked Chestnuts

VEGGIES Category:
1 Green Bean Casserole vs. 8 Smoky Brussels Sprouts
5 Parmesan Asparagus vs. 4 Gingered Carrots
6 Green Leafy Salad vs. 3 Roasted Vegetable Medley
2 Balsamic Green Beans vs. 7 Roasted Cauliflower


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