My 100th Post!

Hey Readers!  I'd like to thank you all for reading this blog over the last 2 1/2 years.  I should probably dedicate more time to creating more recipes, reviewing more restaurants, or writing more articles, but sometimes life gets in the way.  I wish I were rich and I could just live a cycle of going to the grocery store, creating recipes, and writing.  Maybe one day...

I thought, for my 100th post, I would do something a little special.  No recipe, no reviews - more of a list.  I've learned a lot of things about food, cooking, writing, restaurants, and most importantly, myself in the two years since I've started The Community Plate.  I've done things over the past few years that I never thought I would be able to do.  I never thought I'd be able to make queso dip that tastes exactly like the queso from my favorite Mexican restaurant.  I didn't think I would ever begin to learn how to take pictures of my food and actually have them look presentable.  I didn't think one of my readers would be the news blog, Baltimore News Journal.  However, I still have a lot of things left I'd like to do.  Dedicated to my 100th post, here is a list of 50 cooking goals I've set for myself for the next 100 posts... and the other 50?  That's where you come in - together, let's hit 100 cooking goals for next year!  Leave your special cooking goals in the comment section!

As always, enjoy.

100 Cooking Goals:

1.  Cook a whole turkey
2.  Fillet a fish
3.  Make a perfect crab cake
4.  Learn to roll sushi
5.  Host a big holiday dinner at my own house: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc.
6.  Bake a dessert from scratch (eek!)
7.  Create 365 different sandwiches (I'm up to 181)
8.  Have my blog featured somewhere important
9.  Hit 500 "likes" for my Facebook page
10. Start creating cocktails and beverages
11. Make bread/dough from scratch
12. Learn more about wine-pairing, in depth
13. Use fresh herbs more often
14. Start a garden
15. Learn about food from other cultures besides Mediterranean and Mexican - i.e. Indian, Asian, French, etc.
16. Read more cookbooks
17. Use more whole grains
18. Learn to perfect pickling
19. Make cheese!
20. Use different proteins: duck, Cornish hens, venison, lamb, etc.
21. Make my own gnocchis
22. Make my own pasta
23. Use a pressure cooker
24. Learn to go easier on the cheese - I love it. Not everyone does.
25. Take a cooking class
26. Make ice cream!
27. Incorporate more vegetables
28. Have friends over for dinner more often
29. Master lasagna
30. Make homemade soft pretzels!
31. Use my cast-iron skillets more
32. Less take-out, more home cooking
33. Make homemade doggie treats 
34. Work on my social media accounts more
35. Really delve into my analytics for my page, find out who's visiting, when, why, etc.
36. Incorporate more fruit in my cooking - even though I don't like fruit in my food, doesn't mean my readers don't!
37. Eat at some fancy restaurants
38. Short ribs, enough said
39. Perfect the ravioli
40. Attempt to have one day per week be "meatless"
41. Try more diet-restriction foods: gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, etc.
42. More meal planning!
43. Use grilling and smoking more in my recipes
44. Recruit more "guest bloggers" for my site
45. Write more "articles" about the restaurant biz, not just recipes and reviews
46. Create more menus
47. Have more confidence in the kitchen (especially at work)
48. Use flavors I haven't used before: turmeric, curry, za'atar, chiles, cloves, etc.
49. Learn to "read" food more: i.e. not having to use a meat thermometer, not having to cut certain things open to check if they're done, etc. 
50. Blog more!! Set a goal of three posts a week, with at least 10/month.  Learn more about what my readers want to read, eat, and see. Involve my readers more. Keep going forward!


  1. Congrats on 100 posts! I remember when you first started, I hoped that you would stick with it. And I have to say that over the last 2 1/2 years, I'm so proud about what this blog has become! Plus, I love bragging to people that my best friend has a food blog (especially that amazing feature by yours truly). I think the 50 goals you set are spot on! I also better be invited to # 5. My own personal cooking goal is to use my awesome hot dog machine won in Maryland - no I have not used it yet.

    I would love to see some posts dedicated to your own family recipes. Specifically stuffed olives, supersod (spelling?), the perfect Nonna meatball, etc. You know, basically all of my favorites - so that then I can cook them at my house and feel like I'm at your house.

    Keep up the good work! I love you!!!

    - Kerry


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