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Laura, creator of "A Healthy Jalapeno" blog, and I, seem like we would make a great pair! I can see us being friends in an instant. We both love Sunday football (although she likes the Jets, blah!). We both enjoy drinking, cooking, and absolutely love our pups! I know all these things from the "About Me" section on her website.

Laura is very open and honest with everything she shares. Large, vibrant pictures fill the pages of her blog - her and her boyfriend at the lake, at football games, and at their wedding. You instantly fall in love with Laura in the first few seconds of reading about her. Not to mention, if you follow her page on Facebook, she's a Duck Dynasty fan. Perfection!

After browsing through her "About Me" page, you almost forget you're reading a food blog. But then... you keep clicking. With every label, from appetizers to special events, to quick and easy meals, Laura has planned your week's meals in just a few short minutes on her site.

Laura doesn't just have the simple pages that you see on most blogs. In addition to the "About Me" section, she has "Food Rules" and "Kitchen Must-Haves". Laura's food rules are simple and to-the-point. She gives a solid explanation of the way she views food and the way she was brought up.  Chicken, chicken, chicken!  She divulges that she was always a thin, healthy kid who did lots of sports and ate whatever she wanted.  But now, after trading in tennis rackets and softball bats for beer and football games, she needed to make a change.  My favorite thing about Laura's blog, is albeit "healthy", she isn't over-the-top.  She doesn't try to enforce a strict diet of no sweets or fat; she simply has an "everything in moderation"-type outlook, which I love!

And really, who couldn't deal with these few food rules?
  • A glass of wine...never hurt anyone.
  • Cheat days save your sanity.
  • Go to farmer's markets.
There are more where those came from, too. Check them out here!

Laura has won many awards, including the "Cute Little Chef" Award, and she has also been featured on "The Berry", "Buzzfeed", Laughing Cow, and many more! She has a great eye for photography and she develops recipes that are big on flavor, yet not intimidating for amateur cooks. Check out some of these great recipes and more when you visit A Healthy Jalapeno!

A few of my "Healthy Jalapeno" favorites:


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