Brilliant Blogs - "Recipe By Photo"

For some new and exciting post ideas, I have decided to launch "Brilliant Blogs".  With these posts, I aim to create buzz about other blogs; blogs that are my "go-to" favorites, aesthetically pleasing blogs, blogs that I aim to one day get my blog to be, etc.

Recently, I found a wonderful blog.  It is so practical -- one of those "why didn't I think of that" types.  "Recipe By Photo" is a blog run by Lilly Childers.  According to Lilly, she "creates food photo tutorials, helping you find the best food bloggers on the Net."  She uses photographs to showcase the step-by-step process of a recipe simply by putting together a four-to-six photo tutorial (like the one pictured on the left).

From what I have gathered after reading through Lilly's posts, she does not create these recipes on her own.  She browses the web, or, you can contact Lilly if you are a blogger who wants your recipe to appear on her site. She then makes the recipe, and captures the important steps along the way.  Crediting the author of each recipe, Lilly links the detailed instructions to her page using the original web post.

Food isn't the only thing this girl can rock*.  Jump over to her Pinterest page, and you'll see she has a plethora of hobbies, jobs, ideas, and more!  With almost 106,000 followers, her Pinterest boards are cleverly named, incredibly organized, and bursting with passion.

"Recipe by Photo" is as much fun to browse as it is aesthetically pleasing.  Between her blog, boards, Facebook page, and more, Lilly seems incredibly talented, enthusiastic, and fun!

Favorite posts by Lilly: "Creme Brulee Cookies", "Ham and Cheese Pretzel Bites", "Caprese Skewers", and "Pepperoni Pizza Burgers".  Check them all out!

*Lilly also has a Facebook page, Twitter feed, and she is on Google+.

**UPDATE**  I spoke with Lilly via email and this is a little bit of what she had to say about her blog: 
"Just so there isn't any confusion, I don't take the photos in the featured recipes. I use my large social following to help promote and grow the following of other food bloggers. I do this by creating stacked photo tutorials out of their pictures, and then featuring them on my site. This idea came to me one day when realizing that not everyone has confidence in the kitchen. But, just seeing a glimpse of what actually goes into a recipe through several stacked step-by-step visuals allows people to find and try recipes they wouldn't have otherwise tried."

Thanks, Lilly!


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