The Waiting Game.

Where Would You Rather Eat?

It’s 7 o’clock on a Friday night, and so far today, you’ve had a bagel, 3 grapes, and a few cups of coffee. You have been waiting all week for this night; you take out your date, try that new restaurant in town, and hopefully leave satisfied, with a few dollars in your pocket. You’ve even called the restaurant ahead of time to make a reservation.

Well, here’s the thing. Sometimes, you aren’t the only one who remembers to make a reservation. Chances are, if you think to call and make a reservation, that means you have caught wind of this new place from somewhere, right? And chances are, if you have heard of it from a friend, searched it online, or read about it in the paper, others have heard about it, too... right?

Alright, so I’m guessing you know where I’m going with this rant. Take a look at the photos above. Which restaurant would you rather walk into? I know at 7 o’clock on a Friday night you are probably hungry. And when you’re hungry, you get cranky. And then, when you’ve made a reservation, and someone tells you that you might have to wait another 25 minutes...?! Believe me, if anyone knows how well hungry and cranky go hand-in-hand, it’s definitely this girl. But I also know, if I walk into a restaurant on a Friday night -- I want it to be the restaurant in the photo on the right. Have you ever walked into a place that was just completely dead at 12:30pm or 7:30pm? Doesn’t it make you just a bit nervous? Maybe that’s just me.

About six month ago, I was asked to switch to hostessing on the weekends, and I’ve learned more about the restaurant in which I work. I’ve learned about the customers... I know who gets what table at what time, who has a Friday night standing reservation with us, and who will inevitably complain when they arrive, no matter what. Yes, I know you have a reservation, but so do all the people behind you, and in front of you. Maybe there are some technicalities with overbooking, but at the same time -- it’s the weekend and it’s 7:00. You are going to wait no matter what. And if I tell you that the wait time is 25 minutes, consider yourself lucky, as when you turn around and walk out, you’ll end up driving 15-20 minutes to the next restaurant, and then wait when you get there too.

What I’m trying to say is you have to embrace the waiting. I know it might sound crazy, but look on the bright side of waiting -- if you have to do it, you’re probably waiting for something really great. And if everyone in front of, and behind you is waiting too -- you’ll more than likely leave satisfied, and probably with a few dollars left in your pocket! :)


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