Michael's Cafe

2119 York Road, Timonium, MD 21093

I would just like to start by saying, Cynthia, Stehle and I usually do lunch on Mondays, and Cynthia works in Timonium and only gets an hour for lunch, so we have to go close by her... Michael’s was a fluke, my friend Cindy lives a block away. I promise in my upcoming blogs, I will explore Baltimore a little better and get lunch outside 21093!

It was Sunday afternoon, and with the holiday on Monday, I wanted to go and do something instead of sitting around. Especially since my air conditioner doesn’t work -- why just sit around in the hot house? So I texted my friend Cindy to see if she wanted some afternoon libations. After going back and forth, we decided on Michael’s Cafe, since we used to go there all the time.

After arriving and finding two seats together in the bar, we settled in next to a strange man (of course) who “would be delighted if we sat next to him”. After the couple next to us got up, we quickly moved down the bar. We ordered our drinks and started looking over the menu. I really wanted a Crab & Shrimp Pretzel, because Michael’s really does have a delicious crab pretzel, but, for blog’s sake, I decided to go with something I’d never had before. Now, Cindy, being a vegetarian, always has her staples, the same rotation of food... greek salad, mozzarella sticks, bruschetta, calamari, veggie burger, grilled cheese.... Well, there was crab in the bruschetta, they didn’t have veggie burgers, and I told her she wasn’t allowed to have a grilled cheese -- so she opted for mozzarella sticks and a greek salad. I, on the other hand, got the Mozzarella & Prosciutto Roll, which was like one gargantuan mozzarella stick, except rolled together with prosciutto, deep friend, and served on a bed of basil and marinara sauce! How do your arteries feel after reading that? For my entree, I got the Turkey Burger, topped with avocado slices, dill havarti cheese (it originally comes with provolone but I like havarti), alfalfa sprouts, and honey mustard. I had never had a turkey burger before, but I decided to go for it anyway.

We ordered our second round of drinks, and then our appetizers came out. I almost fell on the floor when I saw mine, I was so excited! Cindy’s mozzarella sticks were mediocre, just plain ole’ frozen mozzarella sticks -- but how could you go wrong with fried cheese, right? Please refer to my photos section to see just how delicious my appetizer looked. When I cut into, the cheese oozed everywhere, and I could smell the basil and marinara mixing together - oh, it was just delightful! I ate the whole thing. (Surprised?)

I was so satisfied with my appetizer, I didn’t mind the extra half hour it took for our entree course to arrive. But when it did, I was quite pleased. My turkey burger looked great, and I’ve had their Greek salad, so I know Cindy’s was probably delicious (they have a really great Greek dressing). I quickly dressed my burger with the honey mustard and placed the top bun on. The bun was actually pretty perfect -- not flaky or crispy, but soft and really tasty. The turkey burger had so much flavor, it didn’t even taste like turkey, the whole time I thought I was eating a burger made with really good ground sausage. Avocado is always a nice touch, and those paired with the sprouts -- the sandwich was awesome!

Service was great, too, except for the fact that our bartender, Sasha, called everyone “baby”. And not like, the occasional term of endearment, but every single time. “Would you like your check, baby?” - “How is everything, baby?” - “Would you like another cocktail, baby?” - oh my gosh, stop. She even said it over and over to Cindy and me. She wasn’t rude, and she never seemed annoyed by anyone or anything... she was a sweet girl, just had a tendency to overly use the word baby. And, I guess if that’s the worst thing about the service, there’s really nothing to complain about!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 


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